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This feature allows Ringotel users to send and receive SMS through the connected PBX (if it supports SIP SIMPLE) or via integration with Ringotel Shell Messaging API.


If you enable SMS via SIP SIMPLE, make sure that your PBX supports the SIP SIMPLE protocol and a SIP trunk from the VoIP provider that supports SMS over SIP is connected.

Also, ensure that the Ringotel app on users' devices is updated to the latest version.

How to enable

To enable functionality, in your Ringotel admin portal, open connection settings, then switch to the Features tab and select Enable SMS to either via SIP SIMPLE or via API, then click Save changes.

Users will need to re-login into their apps. Afterward, to send SMS, hit the “plus“ button in the iOS or Mac/PC app or switch to the Chats tab and hit the FAB icon, then the chat button to create a new SMS.

On Android

On iOS

On Mac/PC