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  1. In organization, select a Connection and navigate to the Call Park tab Features tab.

  2. Scroll down to the PBX Features section and click on the Call Park panel to open its options.

  3. You can select from the list of presets to auto-fill settings based on the default configuration in some PBXs. It could vary depending on your PBX configuration.

  4. Alternatively, fill in the options described below:

    1. Call Park Prefix (optional) - added before the parking slot number. E.g., “*”.

    2. Call Park Retrieve Prefix (optional) - added after the parking slot number. E.g., “*”.

    3. BLF subscription prefix (optional) - required to subscribe for BLF in some PBX systems.

  5. Add the list of Parking slots that will be available to Ringotel users to park the calls into. Click + Add slot to add more parking slots.

    1. Label (required) - short description of the parking slot. E.g., “Park 1“ or “Line 1“.

    2. Number (required) - extensions/slot number. E.g., “5901“ or “7001“.

  6. Click Save changes.


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