Creating a Dial Plan

Dial Plans allow you to transform (or rewrite) a calling party number users dial through their Ringotel apps. In Ringotel it is easy to create rules and apply them to all or specific groups of users when they are making outgoing calls. 

Create a new Dial Plan

To create a new Dial Plan you need to have an existing PBX connection. 

  1. Navigate to the specific organization (View connections menu).

  2. Open a context menu of a particular PBX connection and select Dial plan.

  3. Click + Add rule button to create a new rule.

Creating rules

  1. Firstly, select for which number a rule will be applied: 

    • for any number - applies for any number that users will dial;

    • for number - applies for a specific number, which should be entered in a Number field;

    • for numbers that start with - applies for numbers with a specific prefix, which should be specified in a Prefix field;

  2. Select which action should be applied:

    • add prefix - append a prefix in front of a number;

    • change prefix to - remove a specific prefix and add another prefix in front of a number;

    • substitute with - substitute any number that meats a rule with a specific number;

    • prohibit calls - prohibit all outgoing calls to the numbers that meat a specified rule;

Note: You can create any number of rewriting rule within a single Dial Plan, but only one most specific rule will be applied for a call. Rules have different specificity (from most to less specific): for number > for numbers that start with > for any number. 

How it works

When the user dials a number, Ringotel performs a series of steps to match the number to a specific rule in a Dial Plan, and if the input matches a rule and a rule has is more specific, alter the number (if necessary), and then place the call without any further user actions.

If no match is found, then the call is placed without any number rewriting.