On-premise deployment overview

Ringotel server(s) deploys within the Partner’s infrastructure and works as a secure VoIP tunnel, accepting traffic from the remote users and passing it to the PBX server. Communication between the Ringotel apps and the Ringotel server is encrypted by default with TLS/SRTP protocols. The RTP port range could be configured and set according to NAT/Firewall configuration.

Ringotel on-premise deployment scheme

Main advantages:

  • Minimizes voice path for user calls

  • All users’ data is located in your private network

  • Secures core VoIP infrastructure without deploying VPN or SBC



  • Can be installed on any Linux or Windows server (virtual or dedicated).

  • 16GB to 32GB of server storage

  • Extendable files storage for call recordings and users’ files (e.g.

AWS Elastic File System).

  • Can be set behind NAT

  • Recommended configuration for 1000 users: CPU 4/8 core,

RAM 16 Gb

  • Recommended configuration for 100,000 users: CPU 64 vCPU,

RAM 64 Gb.

  • MySQL or other SQL compatible database

  • SSH access