Custom Web Pages

How does it work

With customer webpages, Ringiotel administrators can pre-configure web links that users can open within their Ringotel app.

The pre-configured links will appear in the Menu tab of the Ringotel app, below the user’s extension number. As an administrator, you can add any number of custom web pages.

How to configure

  1. In your Ringotel Shell portal, navigate to the Connection settings → Features tab, then scroll down to the Custom Web Pages section.

  2. Click v Add button and fill in the following fields:

    1. Title - a short name of a web page;

    2. URL - a URL to open;

  3. Click + Add button.

  4. Repeat the above steps with as many pages as needed.

  5. Click Save changes.

You can use the following parameters in the URL:

  • $userid$ - ID of the user in Ringotel

  • $domain$ - organization domain

  • $number$ - extension number

  • $username$ - username


Tip: Drag-and-drop items in a list to change their order.