JSON Framework for integrating CRM systems

Ringotel has a set of APIs to administer your Ringotel account (Admin API) and send/receive messages from the Ringotel users (Messaging API). You can find the APIs docuemntation via the following link: https://ringotel.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RSW/pages/2091548680/Ringotel+API+Settings?atlOrigin=eyJpIjoiMzNjNzFhNjEzNzJkNDIyY2E0YjNiMWFlMTNkYjcxMWEiLCJwIjoiYyJ9

In addition, we have a JSON framework for CRM (and other systems) integrations. Briefly, CRM system needs to have HTTP API endpoints to listen to the requests from a Ringotel server. Ringotel will make requests on the different stages of the workflow, for example, when setting up the integration in the portal, creating a contact, on incoming/outgoing call, etc. The endpoints and their format depends on what functionality and data you expect to recive in this integration.


The integration has the following prerequisites:

  • CRM needs to be able to receive and respond to HTTPS requests with JSON content.

  • CRM needs to be able to authorize requests from a Ringotel server using Basic, Bearer, or OAuth2 method.

  • CRM need to be able to accept and return data in the predefined format.

  • CRM should respond to the authentication requests from Ringotel with the stadard 200 OK or 403 Forbidden HTTP codes.


Currently, Ringotel supports the following workflow:

Users (required)

Must provide the list of CRM users to map with the Ringotel users. Each user needs to have unique identifier (ID).


Returns the list of contacts and their properties.


Rerturns the list of companies and their properties.


Used to identfied caller on incoming/outgoing call. Must return a specific contact identified by the phone number.


Creates a new contact with properties.


Updates a specific contact identified by ID with the new properties.


Creates a new call activity with its properties.


Assignes activity to a specific CRM contact.


Updates CRM activity indetified by activity ID.


Changes the status of a specific activity (identified by activity ID).


Uploads and attaches a call recording file to a specific activity (identified by ID).

Below you can find a JSON document with a CRM integration example. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@ringotel.co.