Connecting to VoIP providers

In Ringotel Shell admin portal, you can create direct SIP connections to VoIP providers (SIP Trunk) and route incoming calls to Ringotel users using Parallel or Sequential call distribution. Users will also be able to make outgoing calls though these connections.

How to setup

Create a new connection. Navigate to the organisation’s dashboard and click + Add connection.

In the new connection settings, switch to Connect to VoIP provider.

Fill in the connection form by specifying the connection details provided by your VoIP provider.

If registration is required, check the Registration required option and provide authorization details.

Lastly, select the Call distribution method according to which calls will be routed to users:

  • Parallel. Incoming calls are routed simultaneously to all Ringotel users who are included in the call distribution.

  • Sequential. Incoming calls are routed sequentially with the set out delay (in seconds) to Ringotel users who are included in the call distribution.

Click Next. If the provided registration credentials are invalid or provider’s server is unreachable, you will see an error message. Otherwise, you will be navigated to the next configuration step.

As a last step, create or import Ringotel users for this connection.

Check Add to call distribution option if you want this user to receive incoming calls via this connection (you can change this anytime later, see below).

Call distribution settings

To change call distribution settings, navigate to Connection → Settings → Calls distribution section.

Here you can change the call distribution method to Parallel or Sequential with the set out delay.

Check the box for users who will be included in call distribution for this connection. For Sequential mode, drag and drop users up or down the list to change the order of who will receive an incoming call first.