How to remove Ringotel reference when installing your branded app.

When users install your branded Ringotel app, they may still see a reference to Ringotel company as the verified publisher. For example:

This is because your branded app for Windows has been signed using the code signing certificate that belongs to the Ringotel company.

To change this, you must provide us with your EV Code Signing Certificate (with the USB token). Usually, it must be ordered to your organization’s legal address and validated using your D-U-N-S number. You should proceed with the EV Code Signing Certificate and receive a USB token, which you will need to send us via post (or FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, etc., for faster delivery) to the Ringotel’s address we will provide upon request. This USB token (device) will be then used to sign new releases of your Windows installers.


  • The certificate should be reissued after the expiry date, but we should be able to use the same USB with the new certificate.

  • We recommend to acquire multi-year subscription for your code signing certificate (at least 3 years).

For example, here you can find the supported EV Code Signing Certificate: