Essential vs Pro package

The organization package defines the features available for the users of a specific organization where a package is applied. You can check the feature comparison on the Ringotel website.

How to apply package?

You can apply a package for an organization at any time in the organization settings. All users in an organization will share the applied package. To change organization's package, open the organization’s menu → select Edit organization → select the package in the Set organization package dropdown list → click Save changes button.



Also, when you enable an integration for an organization (on the Integrations tab), you'll be prompted to confirm whether you want to update your organization's package to enable the integration.

Note: If you want to switch your organization back to the Essentials package, you must first disable all integrations (in the Integrations tab) and then update the package in the organization settings.

Is there a cost difference?

Yes, the price per user/month differs depending on the package. When you change organization’s package, all users created in this organization will switch to the new pricing and the proration will be applied to your next bill.

You can see the complete price breakdown in your Ringotel portal → Menu → Billing.