Zoho CRM (beta)

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management application with features like procurement, inventory, and some accounting functions from the realm of ERP.

Ringotel has out-of-the-box integration with the Zoho CRM. The integration provides the following features:

✅ Identifies contacts on incoming call

✅ Automatically creates Phone Call entity on incoming or outgoing call and pre-populates fields

✅ Provides the link to a Phone Call entity to open it from the Ringotel desktop app

✅ Creates contacts in CRM from the Ringotel mobile or desktop app interface

✅ Imports contacts from the CRM into the Contact lists of the Ringotel users

Before installing the integration (beta only)

Before installing the integration, you would need to finish a few steps on the Zoho API Console first.

Navigate to https://api-console.zoho.eu (or https://api-console.zoho.com depending on where is your Zoho account is located) and log in with your Zoho credentials.

Once logged in, click on + Add Client button to create a new application.

Choose a Server-based Applications type.

In the Create New Client form specify the following:

  • Client Name: the name of the application, e.g. Ringotel

  • Homepage URL: https://shell.ringotel.co

  • Authorized Redirect URIs: https://shell.ringotel.co/services/Zoho

  • Click Create button.

When the application is created, switch to the Client Secret tab and copy the Client ID and Client Secret values into the appropriate fields in your Ringotel Shell ZohoCRM integrations settings.

Get started

Sign in to your Ringotel Shell admin portal and navigate to your Organization -> Integrations tab

Click “Set up Integration” in the ZohoCRM integration and provide Client ID and Client Secret values from the previous step. In the Zoho domain entern the base Zoho domain where you Zoho account is created (e.g. zoho.com , zoho.eu)

Click Enabled and then Save Changes. You will then be redirected to the CRM webpage for authentication.

After the successful authentication, accept requested permissions to enable Ringotel integration. You will then be redirected back to your Ringotel Shell portal to finalize the integration.

In the Ringotel Shell portal map your ZohoCRM users with the once created in Ringotel. Users with the same email address in both systems will be mapped automatically.

Click Save changes. Now the integration should be configured for the mapped users.

Import CRM contacts

The integration provides automatic contacts identification on incoming calls. Additionally, you can import existing CRM contacts into contact lists of the Ringotel users.

Navigate to your Organisation -> Contacts, then click Import button.

Switch to the ZohoCRM tab which should appear if the integration is successfully configured.

Click the Next button to pull the list of CRM contacts.

Once the contacts are loaded, click the Import button to start the import. It may take some time to finish, depending on the number of contacts in your CRM. You may close the window as the process will be finished on the background.