Enabling Click-to-Call (Windows)

The click-to-call (or click-to-dial) feature lets you dial phone numbers by clicking specially formatted links on websites, CRM or other web or native applications.

How does it work?

It works by associating the Ringotel desktop client (currently supported on Windows only) as a default app for the tel: and callto: protocols in the operating system. After that, the system will launch the associated app when clicking on the tel: or callto: links in any web or native application that supports functionality.

On the web pages where phone numbers are not formatted as either tel: or callto: links, you can install a browser extension (e.g., Telephone Number Detection) that parses a web page and turn any phone number it could find on the page into the properly formatted links, enabling click-to-call functionality.

Enabling click-to-call

To enable click-to-call functionality:

Firstly, install the Ringotel desktop app on your Windows device.

On the Start menu, select Settings  > Apps > Default apps.

Scroll down and navigate to Choose default apps by protocol.

In the list of protocols, associate the Ringotel app to the CALLTO and TEL protocols.

The click-to-call functionality now must be enabled.