Hosted XML Phonebooks

With the XML Phonebooks hosted by Ringotel, you can manage contacts in one place and sync them between users' devices, including IP Phones and third-party softphones.

How does it work

Various IP Phones support XML-based phone books, which are files stored on a web server in the XML format. This allows organizations to have a centralized contacts directory that employees' IP Phones can periodically fetch using the provided URL(s) to synchronize their phone book.

Instead of implementing XML Phonebook hosting themselves, companies can rely on Ringotel's out-of-the-box functionality. This service provides hosting and maintenance of users' contacts, keeping them in sync between devices. Additionally, this feature allows for syncing contacts imported from the user's device or CRM.

Currently, Ringotel supports XML Phonebooks in the following formats:

  • Yealink

  • Polycom

  • Grandstream

  • Cisco

  • Fanvil

In your Ringotel Shell admin portal, navigate to Organization → Contacts and click Export.

Select the connection (if multiple connections are created within an organization) and a phonebook's format, then click Get the link.

Ringotel will then generate the link that you can use to provision IP Phones for your users.

You can generate a single link per connection, but you can also create the link for each user. Such links will point to the XML Phonebook that contains shared contacts and contacts that have been created or imported by the user in their Ringotel app.

The link can be created by opening the user's menu (three-dots menu) and selecting Phonebook export. In the opened panel, select a format and click Get the link. You can then use this link to provision the user's IP Phone.