10DLC Opt-Out Compliance

Opt-out requirements for 10DLC (10-digit Long Code) SMS messaging in the United States are crucial for ensuring compliance with industry regulations and allowing recipients to stop receiving messages from businesses. Failure to comply with opt-out requirements can lead to legal and regulatory issues and damage a business's reputation. Among the other 10DLC opt-out requirements are:

  • Clear and Easy Opt-Out Mechanism

  • Prompt Response

  • Confirmation Message

  • Maintaining Opt-Out Lists and Records

Ringotel helps businesses avoid regulatory issues by providing an automated solution for compliance with the 10DLC Out-Out requirements listed above.

While Ringotel provides these tools to help your business comply with these requirements, it's your business's responsibility to ensure that any application-to-person (A2P) text messages that are sent over 10-digit long-code numbers by your business (or your customers) are compliant with 10DLC. Any fees or fines imposed on your business by MNOs for 10DLC non-compliance are the responsibility of your business.

How to enable

To enable the feature, check the 10DLC Opt-Out option in the SMS phone number settings, then Click Save. The option needs to be configured for each SMS phone number where you want to enable the feature.


Clear and Easy Opt-Out Mechanism

Businesses using 10DLC must provide recipients with a clear and straightforward way to opt out of receiving further messages. With the 10DLC Out-Out feature, you can set the keyword to trigger the Opt-Out request. The keyword “STOP“ will be set by default when enabling the Opt-Out option.


Note: The keyword is case-insensitive, meaning if the customers respond with “STOP“, “stop“, or “Stop“, it will equally trigger the opt-out request.

Prompt Response

When a recipient opts out, businesses must promptly honor the request, ceasing sending them further messages immediately. With the 10DLC Out-Out feature enabled, if a customer opts out from receiving further messages using the keyword, all consequent SMS or MMS messages to the customer will be automatically rejected with the warning “Customer opted out to receive messages from <phone number or display name>".

Note: Opt-out restrictions are applied for the customer's phone number, who sent the request, and the SMS phone number where an opt-out request was sent.

Confirmation Message

After a recipient opts out, Ringotel may send a confirmation message to acknowledge the request and provide further information, such as a statement confirming that they have been unsubscribed. This confirmation message should also include information about how to contact customer support or request further assistance if needed.

Maintaining Opt-Out Lists and Records

Ringotel automatically maintains the lists of recipients who have opted out of the messages. The users will be able to see the opt-out request messages in the SMS chats and confirmation messages as proof of compliance with opt-out requirements. These records can be important in case of disputes or audits.