Add more extensions (SIP accounts) to a user

In Ringotel, you have the flexibility to add multiple SIP accounts to a single user. This allows them to handle calls on behalf of different PBX extensions. There are two methods for adding an additional SIP account to a user:

  1. "Attaching" an unactivated extension to an already activated user.

  2. Adding a new extension and automatically "attaching" it to an activated user.

With these options, you can easily manage and customize your users' calling capabilities in Ringotel.

How to configure

Method 1

To attach an extension to the existing activated user:

Open an unactivated extension’s menu and select “Attach to user”

In the list of activated users, choose a user to whom you want to add an extension. Afterward, click Confirm.

Method 2

To add a new extension, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the activated user's menu by clicking on the three dots on the user's card.

  2. Select "Add extension" from the menu.

Specify the new extension's SIP credentials and click "Add Extension" to confirm. If the credentials are valid, an unactivated extension will be created and automatically attached to an activated user.

Once an extension has been successfully attached, the activated user will have the added extension(s) shown in parentheses:

While making outgoing calls, users will be prompted to select the extension number they would like to call from.


You will see an error message if the extension cannot be attached to the user (e.g. SIP credentials are incorrect or there is a timeout).