Enabling/Disabling App Features

Ringotel Softphone apps provide many features to users, such as call recording, state change (online/dnd/at the desk), internal chat, call feature settings, and more. Sometimes, certain features may not be necessary or desirable for certain users or in certain situations. In such cases, as a Ringotel administrator, you can enable or disable these features and ensure that users have access to only the features that they need.

You can enable or disable some common app features for softphone users in the connection features settings in your Ringotel admin portal.

Allow call recording

Ringotel provides Cloud Call Recording feature on top of your phone system’s call recording. It allows users to enable or disable call recording at any time during the call, and listen to call recordings on-demand and from any device. Disabling this feature will not give users the option to enable call recording via their app.

Allow state change

Softphone applications allow users to set their status to indicate whether they are available, busy, or offline. Disabling this feature will not provide users with the option to change their state.

Internal Chat

With internal chat softphone users are able to communicate with other users in the same organization by sending text messages, files, emojis, audio messages, etc. By disabling the internal chat feature, users would not be able to use internal messaging feature in their app.

Call Feature Settings

Softphone applications provide many call feature settings, such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and more. You can restrict users to change any of these settings via their softphone app by disabling the “Call features settings” option in the App features settings.