CSV file format for importing users

In Ringotel Shell, you can add users to your PBX connection either by creating each of them manually or importing all together from a CSV file. Below described the required format for a CSV file.

Ringotel Shell supports default exporting formats from the following phone systems:

  • FreePBX (all versions)

  • VitalPBX

  • FusionPBX

  • 3CX

Please refer to the phone system’s documentation to find out how to export a list of extensions.

Unless you are using the phone systems mentioned above, a CSV file needs to be in the following format:

  • The first line of the file should contain column headings.

  • The following headings are allowed:

    • name - (required) display name of a user

    • extension - (required) PBX extension of a user

    • password - (required) SIP password(secret) of a user

    • username - SIP username of a user

    • authname - authorization name of a user

    • email - user email. If specified, provisioning instructions will be sent to this address.