Adding users

In Ringotel Shell you can add new users to an existing connection in two ways: adding each user manually or importing a list of users from a CSV file. Here you’ll learn how to add users manually.


  1. Login to your Ringotel Shell admin panel, then go to the organization or connection dashboard where you need to create a user.

  2. Click + Add user button.

  3. To create an activated user, please make sure that the Activated slider is turned on. To create an unactivated user, turn off the Activated slider. Read more here:

  4. If you are adding a user from the organization’s dashboard with multiple connections, select to which connection you would like to add this user.

  5. Enter Display name, PBX extension, SIP username (if different from the PBX extension) and Authorization name (if different from SIP username) and a SIP password.

  6. Enter the User email. In this case, a welcome email with provisioning instructions will be sent to the specified email address.

  7. Click Save button.

Please note, that SIP username, Authorization name and SIP password are all part of the SIP credentials that should be already configured on your PBX for each user you want to add.